nuwellaRino Marchese, its a pleasure working with you! Thank you for sharing your ideas and talents in such a graceful manner always. I enjoy your high level of perfectionism, your diverse musical abilities, your excellent communication skills and reliability. You are a lovely person with a musical heart, its inspiring and uplifting and i am honored to know you and have worked with you. when the time comes, i can imagine creating something very beautiful and passionate like my love for sicily, for italy, together with you

Nuwella Love (Singer)

mark'Rino Marchese stands shoulder to shoulder with the many producers and mixers I have worked with over the years. And when such a list includes people such as Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam/David Bowie), Adrian Bushby (Muse/Spice Girls), Mark Stent (U2/Bjork) and Gil Norton (The Pixies/Foo Fighters), I would say he was in good company! Having worked with Rino on a selection of music and film projects, I would jump at the chance to work with such an obvious talent and look forward to doing so again in the future. On a personal note, I would like to add that rarely in the music business does one encounter such talent alongside such an easy going and modest nature. The above combined is a recipe for unlimited success."

Mark McRae (Composer /Producer)

steve-lyonI have worked with Rino on several Italian and International projects. In any capacity, as Engineer, Arranger , Musician and or help in the studio he would always be my first choice as part of my production team. I will be asking him to participate on one of my projects as soon as I can !

Steve Lyon (Producer)

vanda-rapisardiMy cooperation with Rino began in the far 2002. I was starting to sing and he was a 20 years old talented bass player in the middle of a rising and messy musical career.
At that time, he was already an artist with an itchy soul, like all that artists that can recognized the time where they are living and for this reason, they want to break the rules to reach something different. That’s why I appreciate Rino, not only for his musical qualities, but also for his intuition, the ability to get particular points of view, musically realted or not, and his capability to adapt himself to different ranges and different kind of musicians.
We were working a lot together in many projects, last of which was an audio mastering that he supervised taking care of the details, and it was delivered earlier than expected!
In other words, he is a Professional with a capital P.
Nice tin ear and musical taste as sound engineer and as musician and last but not least an amazing determination and proficiency!”

Vanda Rapisardi (Singer,Songwriter)

messere“Rino Marchese is the classical exemple of producer with whom lot of bands want to work. Open minded, seraphic nature, good technical and artistic knowledge of sound (recording and editing), Rino keeps in mind what is important to prepare a band for the studio from the very beginning.
First comes a psychological preparation and only later on the technical one. On the other hand he has a strong instinct that allows him to find quickly, mixing and arrangement solutions.
His musical culture, together with his experiences as bass player in several bands (pop to wave, blues to psychedelic and grunge), let him have a wide perspective on the target that a production should reach, in the Italian and also international music panorama.
He is very dedicated and organized while working in studio, as I saw when we has worked together for many projects of my label (Seahorse Recordings).
Rino is a Trapanese with a strong but gentle personality, that classical gentless that is typical of the Sicilian people and, even more, of the Trapanese’s.

Paolo Messere ( Producer)