Rino Marchese

Rino Marchese was born in Erice (TP) at the end of the 70s.

  • He first approached music at the age of 10, studying Clarinet with Caterina Todaro.

    When he was a teenager, he decided to delve into other musical instruments, the guitar, guided by Giovanni Schifano, and the electric bass with Fernando Daidone.


  • In 2002 he met Gino De Vita who taught him the basic knowledge of harmony and jazz language.
    In the same year, he started to work with other musicians and he paid his dues playing in the pubs of western Sicily with Vito Malato, Tonino di Pasquale, Laura Ingoglia, Francesco Virgilio, Vito Morello, Alberto Anguzza, Alessandro Mancuso, Enrico Santangelo, Vanda Rapisardi and many more...
    He attended a composition and harmony workshop held by Francesco Calì.
    And again, in 2002, he found the band ZONA SISMICA



  • Between 2002 and 2003 he worked with DUAL LIVE, a cultural association, for the making of two musicals: “L’arcobaleno, concerto a Lucio Battisti” and “The Queen, il Musical”.
    In the same period, he took up the career of studio session man, recording the bass line in the production of young Sicilian artists at the STUDIO ONE in Trapani.He also started the teaching activity at the STUDIO ONE MUSIC SCHOOL, as electric bass teacher.
    He attended a workshop held by Massimo Varini, increasing his bass’s knowledges and studying with Filippo Rizzo and Paolo Costa (well-known bass player of Renato Zero, Baglioni and many others).

  • In 2003, he attended the jazz summer workshop in Siena, where he met Stefano Zenni, Paolino Dalla Porta, Riccardo Zegna, Giulio Visibelli and many other names of jazz.
    Rino followed a Master Class at the “Scuola Ciac” of Rome about the features of pop rhythm section, led by Paolo Costa and Lele Melotti.
    He also participated to a workshop led by Agostino Marangolo and Lorenzo Feliciati.


  • In 2004, he joined the jazz music class of the “A.Scontrino” Conservatory of Music of Trapani, studying with the pianist Salvatore Bonafede.
    I worked on the project “I Musicanti” og Gregorio Caimi in the occasion of two concerts.
    It was launched “I Vimini”, a crossover music project, coming from the blending of different musical influences, from etno to rock, passing by jazz and psychedelic music.
    The band was made up by Giuseppe Nuccio, Alessandro Mancuso, Alberto Anguzza e Fabio Genco.


  • In 2005, he has taught electric bass at the YAMAHA MUSIC SCHOOL of Trapani.

    In the same year he took part at the Francesco Piras’ project, the BE-FOLK, with Ivano Augugliaro, Francesco Blunda and Giacomo Rubino.

  • In 2006, he arised the interest in sound and sound engineering.
    So, he decided to attend a post-graduate course at THE CAVE STUDIO of Catania, held by the producer Daniele Grasso.
    Afterwards, he establish the RINOSCKY RECORDS, his own recording and production studio.



    In 2007, he has worked with the EIMOG project, reaching the regional final stage of the known Italian music competition “Italia Wave”.

  • In 2008, he discovered his quality of event organizer and together with the other members of Rinoscky Records he had the idea to create the Summer Live Contest, annual event of national interest, still extant.
    (Among the guests: Marta Sui Tubi, Suzerain, Moltheni, Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, Roberto Dell’Era).
    He founded the blues band WEST SICILY BLUES with Saverio Mazzara, Giuseppe Paduano, Francesco Trapani and Vincenzo Filippi.
    Brilliants at Breakfast, a band from Palermo, recorded his album “Romy’s Garden” at Rinoscky Records as well as “Pi nun perdere lu cuntu” of I Musicanti.

  • In 2009, he contributed to the writing process of Manuela Noce’s first album as composer, arranger, bass player and responsible for the pre.production on behalf of Gianni Errera’s record label ONE E MUSIC.

    At the same time, THE TRAPS project, was initiated with the singer Nuwella Love, Marco Scirè and Mark McRae at the guitars and Louis McGuire at the drums, producing at his own studio the first Soul-Pop-Electronic project’s EP.

    In the same year, he attended a workshop about the audio production in studio, held by the well-known producer and sound engineer Enrique Gonzalez Muller (Metallica, Dave Matthews Band, Joe Satriani, Tau Mahal, Zucchero, Stuart Copeland, L’Aura, Elisa, Nine Inch Nails and many more).

    I also worked as sound technician with Massimo Moriconi, Sade Mangiaracina, Ottoni Animati, Danaè, Lubjan and some of the talented singer from the well-known tv program “Amici”.

  • In 2010 he has produced “Ciupank” of Bob K, an electroacustic album where he took part as co-arranger and artistic producer.


  • In 2011 and 2012 he cooperated again with ONE E MUSIC, covering the position of arranger and sound engineer, together with Donato Scotto di Monaco, Attilio Scala and Fabrizio Guarino.

    He worked at the music production of Giorgia Bruni, Yuki Sunami, Mistura Fina, Daniele Babbini, L’Or, sharing the control room with Riccardo Vieira, Davide Abbruzzese and Steve Lyon.

    He was also the arranger and artistic producer of the album “Maddalena” of the singer songwriter, Giada Zichitella.

  • In 2013 he intensified the partnership with Mark McRae, English producer and musician, working at the first EP of the Maltese songwriter Alex Alden, “The Curious Child”, which reached the first rank in the Maltese top chart with her debut single “Dancing Alone”.

    He worked at the commercial production of well-known English Companies, such as Co Star, LoopNet, Arm and Hammer.

    Rino produced the song “Custon City”, which was used by the film director Marcello Ditta, for the documentary about the movie “Quattro carogne a malopasso”.

    On behalf of Deahorse Recording, he recorded the bass line of “Sciopero”, Marcello Ditta’s first album.

    He co-produced “ZeroLuce”, Neroluce’s first album.

    He also worked at the mastering of “Assabinirica”, Vanda Rapisandi’s album.


  • In 2014, Rinoscky recorded the first Ep of N.O.A.T. (Not Ordinary Acoustic Trio) as producer and bass player.
    The band has now been together for years, playing also in Poland (Olsztyn and Gdansk).

    He produced the single “Strade Bagnate” of the sing songwriter Danilo Pappalardo, who won the prize “Over 36” at the prestigious Italian music contest “MUSICA E’”.

    He also produced Bardi’s “Circo Massimo”, young and interesting songwriting band from Trapani.

    And finally arrived the Rinoscky Records’ restyling.


  • In 2015,In the 2015 Rino produced the single of the band Ottoni Animati (feat Raymond Wright) titled 'Beyond'.

    During the same year the debut EP of the artist Nuelle was released and he got involved in the project in many of its aspects: composition, arrangement (in collaboration with Mark McRae), artistic production, sound recording, audio mixing.

    He produced the single “Strade Bagnate” of the sing songwriter Danilo Pappalardo, who won the prize “Over 36” at the prestigious Italian music contest “MUSICA E’”.

    In collaboration with M. McRae he also produces the song 'Amina' written by the local composer Salvatore Amoroso and performed by Federica Reina, which has won first place as performances in the musical contest Cantagiro 2015.

    In the 2015 he also started the recording of Enzo Toscano's album and a piece of this work has been part of playlist curated by Giovanni Sollima for Expo 2015.

    Rino's own musical perfomances during the 2015 have mostly been placed in Poland, where he has started an artistic collaboration with the showman Stefano Terrazzino. Thanks to this collaboration Rino has perfomed at the TV show TVP 'Jaka to Melodia'.

    Rino, in collaboration with Marek Tarnowski and the contribution of Alberto Anguzza, has arranged and co-produced a list of musical medleys perfomed by Terrazzino's band performance at the artistic event for the New Year's Eve of Polsat in Katowice.

    The Rinoscky Records has been also used for the production of the album of the band Shakalab tiled 'Duepuntozero'.